Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Sweet Science of Bruising by Angelia Sparrow


Author: Angelia Sparrow

E-Book List Price: 5.99

Published: May 28, 2022

Word Count: 54,608

Genres: Steampunk Erotica Multiple Partners

She invents vibrators. He batters men to a pulp. True love.

Lillian Shaw is an inventor, specializing in soothers for the prevention of nervous hysteria. When, disguised as a boy, she attends a bare-knuckle boxing match, hoping to improve the verisimilitude of her devices, she is swept away on a whole new adventure. She and the boxer, Turlough, escape the machinations of his greedy brother, only to be captured by airship pirates, take passage with a traveling wonder show and, somehow, fall in love in the middle of it all. 

"When an inventor's attempt at research goes horribly awry, the only thing to do is hang on and enjoy the ride, particularly when the ride is a rough-and-ready boxer with a keen eye on your wares. This was a fun little romp through a little bit of history disguised with a little bit of steam-punk..." -4 Star review from: Amazon Kindle Customer

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  1. This is an amazing book. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read something exciting and new. Words fail me when it comes to describe the Adventure this book takes you in