Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Editor's Notes: June 2022


Welcome to Angelia Sparrow with her western steampunk novel, The Sweet Science of Bruising. This author pushes the envelope and tempts the reader to go on an adventure of passion and curiosities in an alternate history where airships and gaslights abound. Lillian, her inventor main character, tempts fate by attending a controversial boxing match dressed as a boy, and everything goes sideways from there. She is captured as a plaything for Turlough the boxer, but even he is not what he seems. This was one I just could not put down. I wanted to know what happened next, where these two were going to end up, and how they were going to get out of each predicament they fell into. If you enjoy a steamy story with MFF, an abduction, and a clever plot to escape, this one’s for you!

Next up is Max Griffin’s Timekeepers which releases June 25, 2022. This MM sweet romance is heavy on the sci fi and alternate history. As Haakon and Nathan struggle to find their way back to one another, the world as we know it gets turned and twisted into something quite different. The Timekeepers have to clean up anything that goes awry, and maintain order. But at a cost! See how many historical references you can spot in this full length novel that will take you on a trip through important events that shaped what is to come, and has the main characters struggling to find out when and where they are, dodging counter-plots to the Timekeeper mission all the way. Max's stories are always fun to read. He blends in realism and mystery to everything he does. From the first line, I was hooked! If you love a good, twisty time travel tale, check this one out!


Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Timekeepers by Max Griffin

Author: Max Griffin
List Price: 6.99
Published: June 25, 2022
Word Count: 79,639
Genres: Science Fiction, Gay Romance, Time Travel

The future depended on deciding one way, but his one true love’s life depended on the opposite choice.

History is a fragile thing. Haakon's job with Timekeepers is to prevent Deviations that could change the past and devastate the future. But saving humanity comes at a high cost, especially now when destiny forces him to choose between the man he loves and the future he's sworn to protect.

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