Sunday, December 29, 2019

Dark Thread by Crymsyn Hart

Undertaker Chronicles Book 3
Author: Crymsyn Hart

List price: 5.99
Published: January 19, 2020
Word Count: 75,400
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror

Darria tries to take a long deserved break from undertaking, but nothing ever goes as planned. She's just about had it with her handsy assistant, Omar. He still thinks his mummified fingers will rock her world. Corpses are rising from their ashes and trying to kill her. Not to mention her love life is in shambles. With everything heading six feet under, she's tasked with the impossible: finding the undertakers slotted to fill the empty places of their murdered predecessors and bringing them to safety. Some unknown evil is hunting them down and she’s also on the list. If she doesn't find out what this evil is, the universe will unravel and chaos will reign. However, no one is what they seem. Fate brings Darria to her knees, and she must choose what she'll sacrifice. Her life or her love.