About Purple Sword Publications

PURPLE SWORD PUBLICATIONS is a royalty paying publisher of genre specific fiction. By limiting the number of authors we represent, we are able to focus on those authors and treat them right. Our authors are chosen based on their ability to write clean, concise prose with a gripping plot and characters readers fall in love with, as well as their willingness to work hard and promote their writing. Purple Sword published its first e-book on April 1, 2009.

We are not open to new submissions from authors outside our currently contracted pool at this time. Unsolicited submissions or queries will not be read or acknowledged.

Shoshana Hurwitz has been working in the publishing business for over ten years, taking a break in the middle to pursue a degree in librarianship. She made the leap to freelancing with the launch of her own business, Hurwitz Indexing (http://www.hurwitz-indexing.com), in 2007, doing indexing, editing, proofreading, book reviewing, article writing, and just about anything else having to do with her love of the written word for a variety of publishers and authors. Shoshana lives in Israel with her husband and three kids.

Jessica Glanville holds an M.A. in English from Winthrop University and is a graduate of the SC Governor’s School of the Arts in creative writing.  She was a teaching assistant in composition in graduate school at Winthrop and taught composition and communications at York Technical College. 

Stephanie Taylor has been writing for over twenty years. She lives in Alabama with her husband and is a mother of three by day and a writer/editor by night. Her first book, Doubting Thomas, is available now. Stephanie knew she was meant to be a writer at a very young age, but it wasn’t until she was older that she became serious about the craft. She loves to entertain with a good story and, as an editor, enjoys helping others achieve their dream. She also edits for other publishers.

Novella: Up to 29,999 words $3.50 - $4.99
Mid-Length Novella: 30,000–49,999 words $4.99 - $5.99
Novel: 50,000–69,000 words $5.99 - $6.99
Epic Novel: 70,000–100,000 words $6.99 and Up
Our print titles are available directly from our distributor, Amazon.com.

Should you find any of our authors' books being given away for free on any sharing sites, other than the free reads, please contact us at purpleswordpublications@yahoo.com and let us know so that we can protect our authors' publication rights. E-book piracy hurts authors, cover artists, editors, and publishers by robbing them of potential royalties.