Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Impassioned Waters by Crymsyn Hart

Author: Crymsyn Hart

List Price: 4.99
Published:  Apr 27, 2016
ISBN # 978-1-61292-162-4
Word Count: 42,608
Genres/Categories: Erotic Romance, Mensage, Paranormal
Series: Storm Riders, Book 3

Being a Storm Rider is no easy task, especially when it comes to ridding hurricanes. Cecilia and Seth are partners in work, but not in love. Their shared feelings have been buried for a long time. When an angel plummets from Heaven, they must face their darkest fears.

Jacob might be an angel, but he’s not who he appears to be. Once he meets Cecilia, he wants nothing more than to love her. However, he has to confront his brethren to avert an oncoming war. When things go horribly wrong, he turns to Seth to help him save the woman they both love.

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