Friday, December 8, 2023

Kierei's Hope by Diana DeRicci

The Prophecy of the Valda-Cree
Book Three

Author: Diana DeRicci
List Price: 6.99 e-book, 17.99 Trade Paperback
Published: December 9, 2023
Word Count: 104,175
Genres: Fantasy Romance/Shapeshifter/Gay/M/M

“I fear you have captured my heart without me even being aware.”

In a time of growing turmoil, with the pressure of war on the horizon, Jayce Morrow and his friends have come to a new crossroads.

Grayson is the lone earth mage among those tasked to join and protect the vulnerable lord. While all mages’ gifts vary, no one had ever imagined a single earth mage would be a bridge between those at the keep and dragons. When Kierei hears more dragon kin, Grayson teamed with the befriended black dragon, will embark on an adventure that could bring them answers and so much more. Answers about the vile Blood Spawn army, about the mastermind controlling it. About the threats bearing down on the capital itself, and the risks those at the keep face. And the only way to find those answers is to find the dragons only Kierei can hear. The fear is that those found answers will break the black dragon’s heart: being unable to locate his missing eggs—his children—or his mate.

When the time comes, will Grayson have the courage to accept the gifts the goddess has planned for him? Will he have the strength to trust what he sees right in front of him?

Kierei knows the answer. But they have to find the other dragons first.

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