Saturday, October 15, 2022

Snow Leopard Guardian by Diana DeRicci


The Prophecy of the Valda-Cree
Book Two

Author: Diana DeRicci
List Price: 6.99 e-book, 17.99 Trade Paperback
Published: October 15, 2022
Word Count: 90,820
Genres: Fantasy Romance/Shapeshifter/Gay/M/M

The Valda-Cree lion has returned.

With it come new challenges to the mages and those who follow his hopes, who believe in the will of the Goddess Adhrer to a free and prosperous Kielbos. Doubters and allies will reveal themselves.

Duran is but one of the six mages who believes in the prophecy, the goddess, and Lord Morrow. As keep liaison, he works tirelessly to ensure a fledgling peace can grow in strength. With the introduction of the skin shifters to the keep, their outlook strengthens. One skin shifter in particular has caught Duran’s attention, though he’s not sure why now, or why this feline shifter.

But there is more at play that can affect their futures as Duran and the mages of the keep continue their journey to return the Valda-Cree lion, the true blessed royal line, to the throne. Questions and quests.

A crown missing for centuries.

The Blood Spawn army’s purpose.

And did someone say dragons?

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