Saturday, August 20, 2022

A Faire Day for Murder by Alan Scott


A Psionic Corps Mystery

Book 2

Author: Alan Scott

E-Book List Price: 6.99

Published: August 20, 2022 

Word Count: 69,376

Genres: Murder Mystery/Suspense

The brutal murder of an old man in his isolated farmhouse and very few clues leaves local law enforcement with no alternative but to ask the Psionic Corps for help.  Ian Houston with his paranormal abilities is called in but his presence isn’t welcomed by all.  The sheriff is convinced the owners of the nearby renaissance faire are behind the murder, especially since the victim was about to evict the faire from his land just as their season was getting underway.  

Ian is not convinced the case is so straightforward, especially since there are other people with just as motive for doing away with the old man; the neighbor whom he has had a long-going property dispute, the son who will inherit his lands although the farm isn’t very profitable; one of the many participants and patrons of the faire whom the old man harassed over the years.  To keep innocent people from being charged with murder, Ian must join the renaissance faire as a cast member to see if there is a murderer lurking among the ren folke.

Compounding his investigation is the beautiful actress Diana Morgan who instantly steals his heart.  But as a cast member, she is also under suspicion and Ian discovers she may have a dark past, too.  

A second murder confounds the investigation and the mystery becomes even more confused.  Meanwhile the sheriff is moving closer to charging the renaissance faire owners with murder.

Can Ian use his powers to find the real culprit and prove his new-found friends innocent?


5 out of 5 stars - Great Read!
"This was a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed the literary journey." - Dame, Amazon Review

5 out of 5 stars - Great crossover Mystery/SciFi Novel
"This novel starts with the brutal murder of an old man, alone in his isolated farmhouse near Oklahoma City. The sheriff is convinced that the managers of the Renaissance Faire, who rent parts of his farm for their annual festival, are the killers, but the local Chief of Police isn't convinced. The Chief calls on the Psionic Corps, a national network of agents with psionic powers, to investigate. Enter Ian, whose special talent involves manipulating the weather--appropriate for tornado-prone Oklahoma. His investigation involves under-cover work at the Faire, a tornado (of course), and a storm of bewildering clues. The psionic powers add a nice SciFi edge to the novel, but Ian uses old-fashioned detective work to solve the mystery. In the tradition of other SciFi/mystery blends such as Asimov's robot mysteries, the psionic powers follow well-established rules, and the ending is satisfying with no "deus ex machina" trap doors. The novel feathres lots of local color, insider information about Renaissance Faires, and even some romance, but the mystery dominates, with enough in the way of misdirection and false leads to satisfy the most rigorous mystery fan. Highly recommended." - Max G., Amazon review

4 out of 5 stars - Loved It
"I absolutely loved Ian and the other characters. The setting being a renaissance faire is just perfect. I want to know more about the psionic officers. Keep em coming Alan Scott!" - Nicci, Amazon Review

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