Friday, September 1, 2017

The Heart of the Dragon by S. D. Grady

Author:  S. D. Grady

List Price: 6.99
Published:  Mar 14, 2013
ISBN # 9781612920689
Word Count: 75,615
Genres/Categories: Fantasy/Romance

At night, he fights. In the dawn, he loves. Only with her, he lives.

Lady Yelena is sent in marriage to Prince Pietro, known as the Vellenican Dragon. Instead of her sisters' elegant beauty, she brings a dowry of swords to the warrior prince. A hard man to love, night after night the prince leaves Yelena behind as he battles against the evil Wasti in a generations long war. Each morning he returns to her bloody and beaten. They despair of ever finding peace for their homelands. Then Yelena discovers treachery in her personal guard and she must find the strength to raise her own sword and fight for her family, her honor and her prince.

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