Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Rope by Anastasia Rabiyah

Author: Anastasia Rabiyah

List Price: 3.99
Published:  Apr 10, 2013
ISBN # 9781612920702
Word Count: 24,167
Genres/Categories: Contemporary Erotic Romance/Cowboy

Garrett is determined to win Del over, even if he has to tie her up to convince her he’s what she needs.

When Del meets a handsome cowboy at a guest ranch in Arizona while on a business trip, she has no intention of forming a relationship. She’s come off a bad divorce. Trust is not something she’s willing to give. She likes being in control and the safety of a solitary life.

Garrett is immediately attracted to the dark-haired beauty he finds himself dancing with in the rustic, guest ranch bar. He’s intrigued by her need not to know him and her arduous kiss. Not easily turned down, he follows her back to her room to finish the dance she walked out on.

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