Saturday, August 26, 2017

Delany's Catch by Diana DeRicci

Author: Diana DeRicci
List Price: 4.99
Published: Sep 29, 2010
ISBN # 9781936165568
Word Count: 27,788
Genres/Categories: Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance

Can love overcome the destructive force of an unnatural secret?
Alone since his boyfriend left him for another man, Jake Holiday has been working his bookstore, treading water, and keeping to himself. It was simple and uncomplicated.
Delany Coltrane changed that.
Turning a corner looking for an address, Del wasn’t expecting to find the hot guy hidden under the stack of boxes, but couldn’t regret needing to ask for directions. Not when Jake was his wolf’s mate, and too damn sexy to ignore even if he weren’t.
But with money problems and safety at the bookstore an issue, can Del and Jake find a middle ground to let their attraction flourish? Because trust is essential to share Del’s largest secret with Jake. A secret that encompasses not just Delany, but his whole family.

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