Friday, August 25, 2017

Breaking from the Past by Diana DeRicci

Author: Diana DeRicci
List Price: 4.99
Published:  January 21, 2017
ISBN # 978-1-61292-167-9
Word Count: 36,697
Genres/Categories: Gay Erotic Romance

Is Kyle willing to risk his heart to save the ranch he called home?

Kyle Steppen’s life has gone to hell. Betrayed by his employer, he’s left holding the emotional shards of his soul as well as the few remaining strings to a failing ranch that has been home for more than seven years and he’s running out of time to save it before the tax man comes for his due.

Expecting a woman on his doorstep to help unravel the financial quagmire, he’s completely cut off at the knees by Adrian Balderas, a brilliant financial mind and a rapier wit to go with it inside one of the most beautiful and delicious-looking men he’s ever set his eyes upon.

Kyle is broken and broke. He’s not putting his hopes into any one wish, not salvaging his home, and he can’t even think about his heart.Or can he?

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