Monday, September 4, 2017

The Engagement Present by Sandra Sookoo

Author: Sandra Sookoo

List Price: 5.99
Published:  Oct 16, 2013
ISBN # 9781612920849
Word Count: 49,624
Genres/Categories: Menage, Multiple Partners, Erotic Romance

What’s better than a flawless diamond? A perfectly-cut threesome, of course.

Lynda Franklin is less than satisfied with the status quo—namely things in the bedroom with her boyfriend. While she wants to be daring and to experience much more than the missionary position, he’s a traditional guy. Her secret fantasy of being part of a threesome will remain unfulfilled.

Kevin Hahn’s Korean family isn’t pleased about his choice of a girlfriend. They wanted him to date a woman of his same background, and because of his conservative roots, he’s unable to please Lynda in the ways she’d like. He wants to pop the question but their stalled sexual situation has thrown that into jeopardy.

Then he brings another man to their Redemption Cove cottage for the express purpose of giving her everything he can’t. Enter Axel Thompson, the new mechanic in town. He might look like Thor and ride a motorcycle, but he’s a loner by nature. The chance at no strings attached sex and low-stress companionship tempts as does the opportunity to give Kevin some pointers. The whole situation is the perfect engagement present, and the benefits just might satisfy everyone involved if they can work through their own emotional barriers.

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