Monday, September 4, 2017

Letting Go by Siobhan Kinkade

Something in the Air: Book 2
Author: Siobhan Kinkade

List Price: 3.99
Published: Mar 06, 2013
ISBN # 9781612920696
Word Count: 23,141
Genres/Categories: Romance>Contemporary

Damaged divorcee Evangeline Wilson has agreed to join her friends on a singles cruise to celebrate their new-found wealth. She is not exactly thrilled about the idea of stepping back into the dating world after her very recent and very bitter separation from her abusive ex-husband.

While struggling to fight her own inner demons, Eva finds herself in the company of a gorgeous stranger named Alejandro. He immediately turns on the charm and she falls hard…only, he is not quite honest with her at first about his real identity. Alejandro is the Captain of the Spirit of the Deep, and though he seems determined to focus all of his attention on Eva, she quickly begins to question whether he is capable of juggling such an important job, a major crisis, subversive crew members, and her delicate emotions all at one time.

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