Monday, September 4, 2017

A Perfect Arrangement by Sandra Sookoo

Author: Sandra Sookoo

List Price: 4.99
Published:  March 20, 2013
ISBN # 9781612920672
Word Count: 38,870
Genres/Categories: Multiple Partner, Erotic Romance

When life’s a bitch, slap her back.

Mackenzie Andrews is having a bad day. She’s lost her job at a Chicago interior design firm, her roommate kicked her out in favor of a fiancé’s company and now her sports car is in a snowy ditch in the middle of nowhere.

Lucas Brown, a victim of the financial sector collapse, has turned to carpentry for a living, but his favorite hobby is trying to “fix” people. Grounded by an unwavering sense of optimism, when he meets Mackenzie, he starts to think of a future, which means telling his ex to take a permanent hike.

Dirk Jennings has seen too many horrible things in life—first in Afghanistan then as an EMT on the mean streets of Chicago. He’s not a touchy-feely guy, but after rescuing Mackenzie from her snowy wreck, he wouldn’t mind an occasional round of sex.

While the town of Redemption Cove caters to the ménage a trois lifestyle, the three lost souls thrown together by circumstance aren’t sure such a situation will work, but none of them can deny the desire and need swirling between them. With a little understanding they might just stumble upon a perfect arrangement.

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